iBrit Speed USB Drivers | Download

Download complete collection of iBrit Speed USB Drivers for flashing stock firmware and for connecting your device to PC along with ADB and Fastboot drivers. There are a total of 5 official USB Drivers available for iBrit Speed.

iBrit makes phones with different CPU chipsets such as CDC, VCOM, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, etc. In this article, we have provided them all. If one of them doesn’t work while flashing stock firmware, try the other ones. Note: CDC, VCOM drivers should work for most devices. If not, go for the others.

In this page, we have managed to share all the official USB Drivers available for iBrit Speed along with the unofficial ones as well. If you have been looking for iBrit Speed USB Driver then this will help you out!

All the drivers in this page are verified to be working on the device.

100% Safe. Official drivers. For All versions of Windows.

You can download the drivers by clicking below:

iBrit Speed ADB Driver for Normal Connection

Driver Name: ADB Driver
Driver Size: 8.28 MB
How to Install: Install ADB Driver
Link: Download ADB Driver

iBrit Speed CDC Driver for Flashing Firmware

Driver Name: CDC Driver
Driver Size: 16 KB
How to Install: Install CDC Driver
Driver Link: Download CDC Driver

iBrit Speed VCOM Driver for Flashing Firmware

Driver Name: VCOM Driver
Driver Size: 12 KB
How to Install: Install VCOM Driver
Driver Link: Download VCOM Driver

iBrit Speed Spreadtrum Driver for Flashing Firmware

Driver Name: Spreadtrum Driver
Driver Size: 97 KB
How to Install: Install Spreadtrum Driver
Driver Link: Download Spreadtrum Driver

iBrit Speed Qualcomm Driver for Flashing Firmware

Driver Name: Qualcomm Driver
Driver Size: 10.9 MB
How to Install: Run installer and follow on-screen instructions.
Driver Link: Download Qualcomm Driver

  • Driver Signature Error: If you get driver signature error while installing the drivers, here are the steps to resolve the issue: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  • Compatibility: All the USB Drivers provided in this page are only for Windows based computers. They will not work in MAC or Linux systems.
  • Support: All the USB Drivers in this page are provided by iBrit. Kindly reach out to their support team if you encounter any issues.
  • Missing Drivers: If you are not able to find the drivers for any of the phones, do let us know in the comments below and we will add them at the earliest.

For flashing firmware, if the above drivers did not work for you, you can try one of the below. Before that, try to find out the chipset of your device to download the appropriate driver:

Chipset Driver
Rockchip Download
RDA Download
Intel Download
Broadcom Download
MTK Download

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